Home maintenance? Household services? Need anything in running a happy home? We’re Zappy to help! Zappy is your agent for freedom, a service made for the hyper-connected world. In your pursuit for happiness don’t be bogged down by mundane household tasks. We all want to live in a world of choice of freedom, and Zappy is building things to make our world simpler, easy, faster, and above all, convenient. Zappy has given its platform to the formerly unorganized, unemployed and underpaid skill workers by our extensive training programs, elevating them to meet the high standards we need.

Customer Protection

We provide damage refunds if any, customer assurance is at the heart of our services.

Professional & Reliable

Highly trained staff, advanced equipments and operational efficiency is the professionalism of our service offline.

Service Guarantee

Satisfaction is of prime importance in our service delivery. Our service guarantee is the commitment of our field technicians and backend personnel.

Standard Pricing

No hidden costs, actual estimation and competitive labor costs make us the preferable partner for every home-bound problem.

Trained In house Technicians

All service technicians are trained from the UDS academy which specializes in facilities management pan India.

There is a perpetual need from both ends of the service spectrum; the consumer is constantly in need of dependable, efficient and economical solutions just as the provider is in need of stable, organized, career defining work. Since technology has enabled transparency through information exchange, it was our calling to bridge that gap, in the form of an app. Through our app, we can help as many people as possible to attend to home-bound distress calls and deploy our best resources to provide your instant convenience as a solution.


Choose and book from a wide range of services and track them on the go with Zappy.